Wolfgang Sommer (Almanya)

Central Institute of Mental Health  
Molecular Psychopharmacology
Translational Addiction Research...

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  Gavin Reynolds (İngiltere)

Gavin Reynolds is Honorary Professor at Sheffield Hallam University and Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University Belfast, where he was Chair of Neuroscience. His research interests lie in two directions: one is understanding changes in the brain in schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders, identifying abnormalities in neurotransmitter systems, while the other is investigating the mechanisms underlying both the wanted and adverse effects of the antipsychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia...

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  Nicol Ferrier (İngiltere)

Nicol Ferrier is professor of psychiatry at Newcastle University and honorary consultant psychiatrist for Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. Professor Ferrier’s clinical work is in the regional Affective Disorders Service. His research interests are in psychopharmacology and the neurobiology and treatment of severe affective disorder...

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  Peter Haddad (İngiltere)

Peter Haddad graduated in Medicine from Manchester in 1987 having completed an intercalated BSc in Medical Biochemistry 3 years earlier. His psychiatric training included research in psycho-oncology that led to him being awarded an MSc and an MD. During his training he received several awards including the Gaskell Gold Medal from the Royal College of Psychiatrists...

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  Philip Asherson (İngiltere)

Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry
Research Group
NIHR Biomedical Research Centre
Research interests
ADHD; neurodevelopmental disorders;clinical and genetic studies of ADHD; neuropsychiatric disorders...

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  Jan K. Buitelaar (Hollanda)
Professor Jan Buitelaar is leading the research group on neuropsychiatric and developmental disorders, principal investigator at the Radboud University Medical Centre, and head of Karakter Child and Adolescent Psychiatry University Centre. His research is focused on ADHD, autism, and aggression and impulsivity related disorders...
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  Aykut Özden (ABD)
Aykut Ozden M.D. was born and raised in Ankara, Turkey. After completing medical school at Hacettepe University and psychiatry residency at University of Ankara, he moved to USA in 1997 to pursue his career there...
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  Brian Leonard (Almanya)
BSc ( Hons) . Medical Biochemistry and Pharmacology, University of Birmingham, UK, 1959. PhD in Pharmacology, University of Birmingham, UK, 1962. DSc in Neuropharmacology for research publications, National University of Ireland,,1976. Lecturer in Pharmacology, University of Nottingham, UK, 1962-1968...
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  Yuan Chou (Tayvan)
Dr. Yuan-Hwa Chou, who is working in Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei and currently is the Section Chief of Psychosomatic Medicine. He is in charge of a brain image group that integrates the brain and genetic studies in the human brain. Also, he is especially focusing on doing PET and SPECT studies on neuro-receptor image and their relationship with cognitive function in schizophrenia and mood disorders...
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  Serdar Dursun (Kanada)
Serdar Dursun is a clinician, educator and researcher who has made significant contributions to translational neuroscience and psychopharmacology which have resulted in improved patient care. He has over 150 peer-reviewed publications and has been involved extensively in the development of innovative programs in psychopharmacology education and clinical care...
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  Samet Köse (ABD)
University of Texas Medical School at Houston Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addictions (CNRA)...
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  Alican Dalkılıç (ABD)
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Dr. Dalkilic (Dr. Dal) has been an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Temple University School of Medicine & has been working as a psychiatrist at St. Elizabeths Hospital& Renfrew Center...
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  Petr Morozov (Rusya)
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Advanced Medical Studies, Russian National Medical Research University, Moscow.
Board Member/Zonal Representative for Eastern Europe, World
Psychiatric Association;
Ambassador in Russia, European College of Neuropsychopharmacology;
Member of the Council, European Psychiatric Association;...
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  Hamish McAllister Williams (İngiltere)
Reader in Clinical Psychopharmacology at Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician for the tertiary level Regional Affective Disorders Service in Newcastle, based in the Northumberlan Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

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  Sandra Kooij (Hollanda)
Sandra Kooij started as a psychiatrist in 1995 with the development of diagnostic assessment, treatment and research in the field of adult ADHD in the Netherlands.

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  Adrienne Einarson (Kanada)
Employment: The Motherisk Program
The Hospital For Sick Children, Toronto, Canada
March 1990-June 1996: Motherisk Counselor, providing information to women on the safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and lactation.
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  Leslie Butterfield (ABD)
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, May 1988. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.
 Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies
 Outstanding Clinical Student Award
B.A. in Psychology, May 1978. Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.
 Magna Cum Laude, Special Distinction in Psychology
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  Bobbie (Barbara) Posmontier (ABD)

2013 Interpersonal Psychotherapy supervisor and trainer certificate, International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy

2011 Master Psychopharmacology Certificate, Neuroscience Education Institute

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  Joana Neill (İngiltere)

I have been conducting research in psychopharmacology for over 25 years specifically in the areas of drug dependence, ingestive behaviour, cognition and schizophrenia, and sex differences in psychopharmacology. Leader of a research team currently consisting of 8 full-time PhD students, 2 research technicians, 1 laboratory manager and 1 post-doctoral research assistant (supported by approx £450, 000 income Jan 2013-present).

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  Dai Stephens (İngiltere)

After graduating in the very first cohort of students in Biological Sciences at Sussex, I obtained my PhD at Queen Elizabeth College, London for work on the hypothalamic control of insulin and gastric secretions.

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  Theodora Duka (İngiltere)

Medical School, University of Athens, 1965-1971
Doctor of Medicine degree, 1971
Postgraduate student Pharmacology Department, Medical School, University of Athens, 1972-1975
Research Doctorate 'The effect of chlorpromazine on the behaviour of thyroxine-treated rats', 1975

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  Andrew Greenshaw (Kanada)

My work has focussed mainly on neural substrates of behaviour with a focus on animal models of reward and of psychotherapeutic drug action. Recent studies have revealed novel interactions of specific chemical messengers (including the amino acids glutamate and GABA, and two amines: dopamine and serotonin).

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  Santiago Canals Gamoneda (İspanya)

Biological Sciences by Universidad Complutense, Madrid, July 1997.

Ph.D program:
PhD thesis work at Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Doctorate in Sciences by Universidad Complutense de Madrid in March 2003.

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  Anita Christiane Hansson (Almanya)

Title: Gluco-and Mineralocorticoid Receptor Regulation of Regional Brain Neurotrophism
Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Instituet, Stockholm, Sweeden, August 2002.
Discipline: Molecular Neuroscience, Neuroanatomy
Supervisor: Prof. Kjell Fuxe
Opponent: Prof. Ron deKloet(Netherland)

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